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Many people use the term arbitration and mediation interchangeably. However with ARBITRATION VS  MEDIATION there is a difference between the two. Arbitration is when parties to a dispute allow a person or panel to decide their case outside of Court. Mediation is where parties ask someone to guide them to a resolution that THEY agree to. Mediation therefore is a negotiated settlement. These are different processes and procedures seeking the same result; the resolution of a dispute. They are collectively referred


Family Law Attorney Franklin Montero Family Law NJ Family law is more emotionally charged than any other area of the legal profession. It takes a special temperament as an attorney to handle the demands of the dissolution of a marriage and family. It is also necessary to be able to manage your client’s expectations in order to reach a fair and equitable settlement. Whether your are in need of an attorney to handle your divorce from the very beginning or you


Most people don’t know the difference between arbitration vs mediation. And although the intended outcome is still the same, the processes are quite different. In both cases, the parties are attempting to settle a dispute. Whether by contract or by agreement after the disagreement arises, they have decided to attempt to settle their differences by means other than trial. The most common reason cited for using either approach is to save money, because there are few things in life more expensive


If you are considering mediation and divorce the law is always changing. It is imperative that you use the services of an attorney who concentrates in this area and is up to date on the new rules and laws governing the dissolution of marriage and the related issues. Alimony, also referred to as spousal support, is ever changing as are rulings concerning custody and visitation. If you are in need of legal assistance in any of these areas, call the law


If you are thinking about getting married, perhaps you should also be thinking about getting a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two parties about to get married that sets forth what will happen to their respective assets in the event that they wind up getting divorced. The laws governing such agreements vary state to state, but you can be assured that if you decide to enter into such an agreement, you should seek the services of an