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Franklin S Montero NJ Attorney


Anyone who’s ever been in a motor vehicle accident is familiar with the Police Accident report, but few realize what all the numbers on each margin and at the bottom mean.  That’s because they are codes which further explain what the police believe happened and who was at fault.  Those codes are meaningless to you unless you have access to the Motor Vehicle Accident Codes chart. Quite often a careful examination of the chart will reveal an inaccurate or just plain

NJ DUI DWI Attorney

You should always consult with an attorney concerning a charge of DUI or DWI, even if you believe that there is no chance of successfully challenging the offense. No other area of Municipal Court practice is more serious and as a consequence this is absolutely the time to seek legal representation. As stated above, even if you are going to be convicted, you really should retain the services of an attorney because the fines and penalties have a wide range, which

New Jersey Municipal Court

The most common types of New Jersey Municipal Court cases are driving violations. Driving violations range from the simple parking tickets to the more serious DUI/DWI case, which can have devastating effects on your finances, life and family. You should not attempt to handle on your own any Municipal Court matter that carries serious consequences for various reasons. All moving violations carry with them the imposition of points on your driver’s license if convicted. As the Judge in your case will