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The Home Inspection Report

Home Inspection Report Importance After the new attorney contract is agreed to by both parties. The buyer must then obtain a home inspection report within 14 days in most cases. This report is very important. Your home inspector will go over the house very carefully to determine what if anything needs repair or replacement and will test all systems. A radon test will be performed, along with a pest inspection and heating and air conditioning examination. You will then be presented

Obtain your Mortgage Commitment

While your home inspection is going on you will also be required to obtain your mortgage commitment, if you are not already qualified. The contract will most likely contain a mortgage contingency which will provide you with a certain time frame from the signing of the contract to obtain your mortgage commitment, usually 30 days. This is another very important protection you as the buyer will have, but you also must be careful to comply with the terms. You will be

Real Estate Closing Attorney

Just prior to the real estate closing there will be a final walk through or inspection at which you and your realtor will do an inspection of the premises to determine if the seller has left the premises in broom clean condition, removed their personal items and made any repairs required. If any issues remain, you may agree on a credit and/or hold money back in escrow until such time as the repairs are made. If all issues are resolved you

Attorney Review Period in NJ

Attorney Review Period begins once your offer has been accepted, the realtor, if there is one, will usually accept a $1,000.00 initial deposit to secure the acceptance and will prepare a broker’s contract. This is a bare bones contract which is missing much of the language and clauses that you will find in a contract prepared by a real estate attorney. Nevertheless, that contract will call for an additional deposit to be made within a very short time. In addition, it

Selling a House in NJ

The process of selling a house in NJ can be stressful and frustrating. If it has been a while since you bought your house you may have forgotten all the things that need to be taken care of in a relatively short period. Regardless of how long it has been you will need to make certain that a lot of things are taken care of to protect yourself as you sell what is probably you most valuable asset. The following are

Buying a House in NJ

The process of buying a house in NJ can be very daunting; especially for a first time buyer. Once you have found a house that you want to buy and have agreed upon the price things can move very quickly with some very important and critical deadlines that must not be overlooked. Here I will review the process from initial deposit through closing. Once your offer has been accepted the realtor, if there is one, will usually accept a $1,000.00 initial


In this segment I would like to focus on how one can go about buying a foreclosed house. There are several stages at which this can happen; pre-foreclosure, foreclosure and post-foreclosure (also referred to as “REO”). These different stages offer differing opportunities and procedures. If the house is listed as “pre-foreclosure,” that means that the homeowner has received a Notice of Default and that the bank is getting ready to foreclose. You can contact the homeowner directly, if not already represented


In this segment, I will discuss the mortgage foreclosure process as a follow-up to an earlier overview concerning your available options when facing a foreclosure. I am focusing on the process in New Jersey, but most of these procedures are the same in New York. The initial step taken by the lender is to notify you regarding the approaching 90 day default time limit. Such notice typically arrives once you have missed at least two months of mortgage payments. The mortgage


If you are experiencing difficulty making your mortgage payments, a loan modification might be the answer. Years ago, if you were behind in your mortgage the only question was whether or not you could bring it current. If not, you were facing a foreclosure. Since 2008, with the banking and mortgage crisis, there has been an ever increasing area of practice that includes foreclosure defense and loan modification. Loan modification is available to anyone, but various programs are targeted to different