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NJ Family Lawyer Franklin Montero

Family law is more emotionally charged than any other area of the legal profession. It takes a special temperament as an attorney to handle the demands of the dissolution of a marriage and family. It is also necessary to be able to manage your client’s expectations in order to reach a fair and equitable settlement.

Franklin Montero is a Certified Mediator as well as an experienced family lawyer. As such he is particularly well suited to handle your divorce and reach a fair settlement of all issues. He will listen carefully to what is most important to you and make certain that your concerns are addressed with attention to your specific needs. The vast majority of divorce cases are settled without a trial, so it is essential that your attorney has developed excellent negotiating skills to obtain the best results for you and your children. Mr. Montero has negotiated settlements in over 180 cases and has acted as a Certified Mediator in many more.

Mr. Montero will guide you through the dissolution of your marriage and the division of property, assets and liabilities. He will also ensure that you obtain any support for you or your children that you might be entitled to as well as visitation or custody.

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