New Jersey Municipal Court

The most common types of New Jersey Municipal Court cases are driving violations. These can range from the simple parking ticket to the serious DUI/DWI case that may have devastating consequences on your life and your family. Except for the most insignificant Municipal Court matters, you should not attempt to handle the matter yourself for various reasons. All moving violations carry with them the imposition of points on your driver’s license if convicted.
An attorney can usually persuade the Prosecutor or Judge to reduce or eliminate most or all of the points that you may be facing. In addition, the fines and penalties may also be minimized with the assistance of a competent and experienced attorney. In other words, you should not attempt to represent yourself, especially if the violation is serious. Call Mr. Montero for a free in person consultation. He will provide you with an assessment of your case and explain all the possible outcomes. Mr. Montero has fair and reasonable rates and will handle your case with the utmost care.

DUI and DWI in New Jersey

Whether or not you believe that you can successfully challenge a charge of DUI or DWI, you should consult with an attorney. No other area of Municipal Court practice may be more serious and carries more consequences. This is absolutely the time to seek legal representation.
Quite often if you are issued a ticket for DUI or DWI you are facing multiple charges as the officer probably observed some other act or offense. A competent attorney should be able to have some of the lesser charges dismissed or merged into the charge to which you eventually plead guilty. Mr. Montero will evaluate your case free of charge and advise you of the likely possible outcomes.