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Real Estate Closing Attorney

Just prior to the real estate closing there will be a final walk through or inspection at which you and your realtor will do an inspection of the premises to determine if the seller has left the premises in broom clean condition, removed their personal items and made any repairs required. If any issues remain, you may agree on a credit and/or hold money back in escrow until such time as the repairs are made. If all issues are resolved you

Attorney Review Period in NJ

Attorney Review Period begins once your offer has been accepted, the realtor, if there is one, will usually accept a $1,000.00 initial deposit to secure the acceptance and will prepare a broker’s contract. This is a bare bones contract which is missing much of the language and clauses that you will find in a contract prepared by a real estate attorney. Nevertheless, that contract will call for an additional deposit to be made within a very short time. In addition, it