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Buying a House in NJ

The process of buying a house in NJ can be very daunting; especially for a first time buyer. Once you have found a house that you want to buy and have agreed upon the price things can move very quickly with some very important and critical deadlines that must not be overlooked. Here I will review the process from initial deposit through closing. Once your offer has been accepted the realtor, if there is one, will usually accept a $1,000.00 initial


In this segment, I will discuss the mortgage foreclosure process as a follow-up to an earlier overview concerning your available options when facing a foreclosure. I am focusing on the process in New Jersey, but most of these procedures are the same in New York. The initial step taken by the lender is to notify you regarding the approaching 90 day default time limit. Such notice typically arrives once you have missed at least two months of mortgage payments. The mortgage