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Personal Injury Lawyers NJ

A Personal Injury Attorney is necessary when you or a family member has been injured due to the negligence of another person or entity.

Real Estate Lawyers NJ

Real Estate law covers a wide variety of subjects from the simple application for building permits to complex high-end sales, purchases and exchanges. When most people think of a real estate transaction they think of buying or selling a home.

Municipal Court Lawyers NJ

The most common types of New Jersey Municipal Court cases are driving violations. These can range from the simple parking ticket to the serious DUI/DWI case that may have devastating consequences on your life and your family.

New Jersey & New York Immigration Lawyers

Immigration Law Specialist Franklin Montero has helped many people and companies deal with the complexities of immigration and will continue to do so, especially under the recent changes in the law.

Bankruptcy Lawyers in New Jersey & New York

Most people who are facing financial problems are reluctant to consider filing for bankruptcy. They consider it shameful or dishonest to admit that they cannot pay their bill and struggle with the thought of being labeled “bankrupt”.

Family Lawyers NJ

Family law is more emotionally charged than any other area of the legal profession. It takes a special temperament as an attorney to handle the demands of the dissolution of a marriage and family.

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